Think rebreathers are just for technical diving? Think again because the latest rebreathers are lightweight, easy-transportable units that use sophisticated electronics to simplify their use. Rebreathers allow longer no decompression limits, reduced gas consumption and unmatched wildlife encounters.

The PADI Rebreather and Advanced Rebreather Diver courses use Type R units to introduce divers to rebreather diving within recreational dive limits. Type R rebreathers are electronically controlled and provide a back up for all the major systems and simplify training and use.

All rebreathers used during PADI courses must be third-party tested and manufacturers must ensure they meet a comprehensive list of requirements.

Rebreather diver – Book for 31,900 Baht

Advanced rebreather diver – Book for 33,900 Baht

  • 3 days

Rebreather diver & Advanced rebreather diver – Book for 46,900 Baht

  • 4 days